A Certified Roof protects you from leaks caused by normal wear and tear

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What is a roof certification?

Roof certifications are a professional opinion based an inspection of the roof. Any leaks past or present must be disclosed prior to the inspection. Our goal is to bring the roof to a serviceable condition for the certification period barring any natural disaster. A serviceable roof is one that is not leaking and in good condition. A certification is not a warranty. A roof can be certified "as-is", "even with" minor cosmetic issues that have not damaged the mat of the shingle or roof may require either repairs or replacement to certify. A roof certification can be transferred from a seller to a buyer. If repairs or replacement are needed for roof to certify, there is no charge for our evaluation. We will provide you with free estimates for the minimum work needed to certify.

What we inspect

  • Proper installation of all roofing materials
  • Nail pattern of shingles and shakes
  • Missing flashing
  • Proper flashing of all penetrations such as vents & skylights
  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Damage caused by trees
  • Damage caused by animals
  • Damage caused by people or anything else
  • Proper ventilation
  • Heat cracking
  • Blistering
  • Loss of granules
  • Manufacturer defects

Please note

  • We do not inspect chimney caps unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Unless a leak already exists our inspection is exterior only.
  • We do not inspect gutters or siding as part of the roof certification.
  • Inspection of skylights includes only where the skylight meets the roof line and not the glass pane of the skylight.
  • Once repairs have been made and a certification has been issued the contractor is not responsible for future damage caused by wind, hail, animals, trees, people, or failure to have routine maintenance such as sealing flashing performed.
  • Cosmetic issues are not a factor in determining if a roof is serviceable. However, the contractor will fix roof leaks at no cost due to normal wear conditions during the certification period on composition and shake roofs.
  • Interior repairs are never included where the roof has not been replaced entirely.
  • We do not certify Woodruff, Permatek, foam roofs, and a few other roof products.